Traditionally-made, pan-cooked boiled sweets. Made in the UK.

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Some of your questions answered
Will my sweets look exactly the same as the photo?

Usually, but not always! There is sometimes a variation in colour or shape, as the majority of our sweets are hand-made in copper pans by the manufacturers. They will still taste delicious though!

What information is available about nut allergies?

As the making of sweets could involve using the same production process for products with or without nuts, we cannot guarantee that traces of nuts will not be present in any sweet. Please bear this is mind if you suffer from this form of allergy.

Any other information on ingredients?

Manufacturers do not always list the ingredients used in confectionery. Where possible we will provide information on the website with the sweet details, such as whether the product is gluten-free or suitable for vegetarians. However this information will not always be mentioned on the packaging when delivered to you.

How will my sweets be packaged?

In our shops we use lovely stripey paper bags for our sweets. However, as most people know from childhood, boiled sweets sometimes stick to the bag, so we will send your sweets in a polythene bag, popped inside a paper one for good measure!

How do I pay?

We accept payment only via PayPal. Paypal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online your financial details are never shared. We do not need to know any of your personal details, as Paypal remembers everything for you, safeguarding your bank, credit or debit card details.

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Our little traditional sweet shop nestles in the heart of the cathedral city of Chichester.

We sell a large range of products, but we specialise in traditionally-made, pan-cooked boiled sweets, which will be the basis of our online selection.

They are made in the UK by manufacturers who have been producing high-quality sweets for generations. This ensures that they taste as sweets should taste.